Hello, My name is Kevin. I currently work as a software engineer building autonomous vehicles at Aurora. My career history includes software development and engineering management roles at Uber ATG, Twitter, and Apple. You can read more about my professional life on Linked In.

As for the personal stuff: I once traveled around the world, literally, starting from SF, heading east to NYC, continuing through Europe, the Middle East, India, Japan, and then finally back across the Pacific. Here's a silly video about that. I love dogs, am trying to improve my chess game, and have been known to pilot a paraglider named Daisy (poorly…)

Fun Stuff

The Smallest Infinity

Personal essay. 2018

A brief essay exploring a topic so fascinating that I had it tattooed on my arm. In this piece I discuss the infinite heirarchy of cardinal numbers, and prove that ℵ₀ is the smallest infinity.

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Discovery of the Proton

Historical physics research paper. 2017

An essay I wrote on the history and discovery of the proton. I focus on three seminal experiments that brought us to our modern understanding of the atom.

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ATLAS Jet Energy Scale Uncertainty

Masters thesis. 2017

Final report written at the end of my masters program, summarizing the work I did during a brief stint working in Mark Oreglia's high-energy physics group at UChicago

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Calculus of Datatypes

Undergraduate research paper. 2011

I wrote this paper as an undergrad working under Nate Foster. The paper summarizes the results of some investigations into defining a calculus on abstract data types, and culminates in the exploration of a derivative operator with respect to arbitrary types.

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Just a few extra things I thought I'd share

2020-05 I've completed over 70 Project Euler problems View
2017-07 In hopes of learning a bit of Javascript, and insipired by James Somers, I implemented a simple cellular automata. Play
2015-03 A poem I wrote while staying at Amma's ashram in Kerala, India. Read